August 2nd- Beauty Bar- 8pm

August 4th- Empress Theater in Vallejo, CA- 8pm

August 5th- Sober Convention Show in San Rafael, CA (email for details)

August 7th- New York Comedy Club- 7:30pm

August 7th- Freehold in Brooklyn- 9pm

August 8th- New York Comedy Club- 9pm

August 14th- Carolines on Broadway- 7pm

August 18th- Bitches Brew at Halyards in BK- 8pm

August 21st- Footlight- 8pm

August 22nd- Beauty Bar- 9pm

August 26th- Q.E.D. in Astoria, Queens- 7:30pm

August 27th- ‘Where’s The Grief’ @ Zinc Bar- 5:30pm

August 29th- Beauty Bar- 9pm

September 16th- Philadelphia (details to come)

December 27th- opening for Dan St Germain’s album recording at The Stand- 9pm